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Jun 012013

P-38 Lightning Flying
Mission Briefing August 25, 1944
P-38 - Balloon & Boats August 3,1944
The 'A Flight' 1944
P38 Buckaroo
P38 Lightning Landing
P38 'Hey Stuff' Crew
Ken Jorgensen Fueling July 4, 1944
Horace Hartwig 'Butch' August 3, 1945
P38 Lightning with Balloons & Boats August 3, 1944
Don Ebehardt
Ken Jorgensen's P-38 'Dottie's Great Dane' July 1944 Normandy.

May 052013

A tribute and history of the 367th Fighting Group by Edwin S. Chickering, Group Commander November 1944 to September 1945, recited at the Memorial Service at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio, on July 30, 1988. We honor these men as we unveil this plaque in this beautiful memorial park. A salute to the 367th and all of its personnel – Well done!

Jul 212013
The day the sky over I'Aisne was on fire - the battle over Clastres

The Clastres aerodrome was located on the northern edge of the village of Clastres, about __ miles south-south city of Saint-Quentin, France.     The original Clastres aérodrome was built by the French Army in 1937. It covered an area of about 100 hectare runways. The Luftwaffe took over the Clastres aerodrome in 1940. In 1942 […]

Jul 202013
Ervin Brown Lt Cyril Brownley Cyril Brownley

Thanks to my new friend Steve Brown for sending this picture. This one has a great value for me… because it shows the friendship between two heroes from 367th FG, Ervin Brown and Cyril Brownley together. Lt Cyril Brownley on the center was shot down on 25th august 1944 and Killed in Action. Resistants couldn’t […]

May 062013
The rescue of Wilson Harrell Sept. 2, 1944

This photo was taken in the yard of the old mill of Beautor. Here are the names of the persons which are on the photo with Wilson. The doctor Rose was still alive some years ago but very old. He left in an old people’s home in the South of France. He lived in city […]