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Did you or you parents serve in 367th? If so and you would like to share a story or pay a tribute please contact us. This site is dedicated to everyone who served in WWII and especially service in the 367th. Please fill out our contact form HERE and we will create a page for you to add you story and upload any photos you have. We will send you login information by e-mail.

Thank you for your service. Thank you and you family for your sacrifice!

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    My father, Flight Officer William Harold Smith was a part of the 367th earning his wings on March 12, 1944. He flew 15 combat missions during the war, flying a P47 Thunderbolt. He is now 92 and confined to nursing home with advanced dementia which he has had for nearly 20 years. Dad never talked about the war much as it was painful to him and all the killing that he had done. When he became a civilian he became a Methodist Pastor in 1952 and served throughout Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Two years ago I tried to obtain a copy of his DD214 so that his service could be recognized in our small town of Seaford, DE. I was told that all records were destroyed in a fire. I was provided a DD214 that only showed his service with the Army and that he had attained the rank of PFC. Later, I found in his files records of original orders when he graduated flight school at Eagle Pass, TX and was assigned to the 367th. This was important for me since I am applying for the VA pension available to any veteran who served in a combat zone and who is now confined to a nursing home with 24/7 care. The pension, of which I’m sure you are aware, is up to $1,700 per month and is to assist in the care of the Veteran.

    On some of the documents I have the names of others who received rank at the same time and were assigned to the 367th.

    David W. Smith, Son age 69


    Hello David,

    Sorry for my very bad english. Thank you for your message. I would be pleased to help you to find any information if I can. If it ‘s difficult for you to find documents it’s more difficult for a french historian. To complete my research I need help also by finding pictures of pilots, aircrafts of 367th and various report. Feel free to contact me by email: philippe.lantiez@orange.fr

    Thanks and kind regards,


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